August 17 – City of Heroes Going Rogue

On August 17th, 2010 City of Heroes Going Rogue, the second expansion for the massively popular superhero MMORPG went live. It brought with it the world of Praetoria, new powersets, and so much more.


The major highlights of Going Rogue were:

  • Several New Zones called Praetoria or Gold Side
  • The Ability to Play as a Praetorian with its own storylines up to level 20
  • The Introduction of Demon Summoning, Dual Pistols, Electric Control, and Kinetic Melee

Much of what can be played in the Praetorian areas of the game were introduced in Going Rogue. This includes all of the zones and content in Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, Neutropolis, and the Underground. First Ward and Night Ward were added later.

This is also when heroes and villains started being able to change allignments though much of this had to do with Issue 18 which was released alongside Going Rogue.

All of the base archetypes got a new powerset.
Demon Summoning primary power set for Masterminds
Dual Pistols primary power set for Blasters and Corruptors and as a secondary power set for Defenders.
Electric Control primary power set for Controllers and Dominators
Kinetic Melee primary power set for Scrappers, Brutes, and Stalkers and as a secondary power set for Tankers.

Originally Ultra Mode and the Incarnate System were intended to be part of the release of Going Rogue. However, Ultra Mode was completed early so they released it with Issue 17. The Incarnate System wasn’t ready for Going Rogue so it got pushed to Issue 19. It still required City of Heroes Going Rogue to make use of it, however.


It would be 106 days until the release of Issue 19 which allowed Primal Earth characters to access Praetoria, brought in the Alpha Slot of the Incarnate System, and introduced Apex and Tin Mage Task Forces.

But the next important day in City of Heroes history comes on August 31st, the day that Issue 5 was released back in 2005 and brought Croatoa with it.