July 24 – City of Heroes Issue 10 Invasion

On July 24, 2007 City of Heroes Issue 10 Invasion was released bringing with it the second worldwide invasion by the Rikti.

The major highlights of Invasion were:

  • A month-long Rikti Invasion Event
  • The revamp of the Rikti Crash Site into the Rikti War Zone
  • The Lady Grey Task Force
  • Mothership Raids

Mothership Raids are without a doubt one of the most fun, most unique things to do in City of Heroes and it’s hard to imagine what the game would be like if we didn’t have the LGTF to hit level 50 in. If you’ve not dinged 50 in an LGTF have you even played City of Heroes? A question for the ages.

Rikti zone invasions used to be very exciting, sadly with time they became more irritating than fun and people started to neglect them. Some heroes they are. Still, it’s great fun to take on a drop ship and these days you can defeat one in the Rikti War Zone, an activity that is often done right after the completion of a Mothership Raid.

There weren’t really many other changes to the game that are worth mentioning. Female player characters got access to the bunny tail costume part and costume piece recipes were moved to their own drop pool. Remember when we had to get costume piece recipes? I for one do not miss those days at all. Sonic Resonance also got some new graphical effects. But really, that’s all that is worth mentioning. The majority of Issue 10 was focused on the Rikti.


It would be 123 days before the next Issue was released, Issue 11 A Stitch in Time. That is the Issue that introduces Ouroboros. This is the hight of City of Heroes’ best content. That period in time stretches from Issue 9 with the release of the Statesman Task Force and Wentworths to Issue 14 when the Architect was brought into the game. During this time we had one amazing update to the game after another. Unfortunately, we won’t be talking about Issue 11 until November when it was released. The next important date is August 16th which was when Issue 18 Shades of Grey was released alongside the release of Going Rogue.