Ascension Issue 1 Bring Clockwork Masterminds

There’s more great news for the new Ascension server this weekend as they have released their first update, Ascension Issue 1. This update brings with it Clockwork Masterminds, the Synergist architype, and some interesting quality of life updates, that include an angel. Below I’ve made a direct copy of the patch notes that includes everything that was in the update. But under that I’ll also include some further information from the developers. The images included in this article are from Homecoming since I haven’t had a chance to jump onto Ascension yet and try it out for myself.

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Ascension Issue 1 Patch Notes



  • The Synergist: An archetype that mixes ranged and melee attacks with support and defense, and centers around cooperating with a single Partner pet. A few servers have this archetype, but here is is implemented in its entirety, including full pet support and the Doppleganger actually looking like its summoner.
  • Several Mastermind QOL fixes have been implemented, such as making upgrades autopowers instead of clicks.
  • Blaster primary damage has been tuned for underperforming sets.


  • Arcane Affinity: A Defender-exclusive support set with a versatile toolbox of buffs, debuffs and mitigation, each power builds up Arcana, and higher stacks of Arcana increase the chances of a powerful secondary effect triggering!
  • Absolute Strength: A Tanker-exclusive attack set, you can crush your opponents with superior strength, blow them across the room with your breath, and even project beams of fheat from your eyes!
  • Anarchist: A Scrapper-exclusive attack set, unleash a variety of chaotic and unruly tactics to drop your enemies!
  • Clockwork assembly: You can conjure clattering cadres of capricious, clicking Clockwork!
  • Energy Aura has been ported to Tankers.
  • Energy Melee has been ported for Scrappers.
  • Empyrean Armor: A Tanker-exclusive defense set. Cloak yourself in superhuman power in order to repel attack!
  • Heretical Occultism: A Blaster-exclusive ranged attack set. Call upon eldritch powers to destroy your enemies!
  • Mastermind Secondary expansion: Empathy, Kinetics, Radiation Emission, and Cold Domination have been ported to the Mastermind.
  • Might Assault: A Dominator-excluse Assault set, Might Assault allows you to unleash extreme strength on your enemies.
  • Mind Control: Mind Control has been changed to add a Psionic Nexus pet. This is an additional power and does not replace any existing powers.
  • Sorcerous Blast: A Defender-exclusive attack set, unleash magical energy to damage enemies.



  • Post-Apocalypse costume parts now have textures.


  • Ascended: A mysterious angel that has appeared in both Mercy Island and Atlas park, promising the “blessing of Ascension” to those she deems worthy. This comes in the form of enhancments and inspirations that can be purchased for large sums of INF.
  • INF normalization: Influence/infamy/information rewards have been normalized for general mission rewards. The goal is to assist the impoverished powered individuals in attaining their slotting desires. Each generic mission reward has been scaled to the equivalence of the creation cost of a generic, un-memorized even level IO.
  • Recharge Inherent: All players now receive an Inherent Fitness power called “Reflexes” that increases Recharge 20%.
  • XP Smoothing: Xp gains from missions have been smoothed to alleviate the doldrums.
  • There is a Snazzy new login screen.



Additional Information

The Clockwork set is for Masterminds. This wasn’t stated in the notes because it didn’t fit with the alliteration that was going strong. The Clockwork powerset looks like this:

  1. Lightning Bolt
    • Single target ranged, minor energy DMG and -End on target
  2. Assemble Dukes
    • Summon 1-3 dukes with electrical attacks
  3. Tesla Cage
    • Foe Hold, Minor Energy DMG, -End
  4. Equip
    • Grants Mental Blast to Dukes, Grants Scramble Thoughts and Repair to Princes, grants Psionic Tornado to Lord
  5. Psionic Tornado
    • Ranged AoE Psionic DMG, -Recharge
  6. Assemble Princes
    • Summon 1-2 Princes with electrical attacks
  7. Repairing Facility
    • Summons a Clockwork Repair facility that grants Extreme +Regen over time until it finishes.
  8. Clockword Lord
    • Summons a Clockwork Lord with Electric and telekinetic attacks
  9. Upgrade
    • Grants Telekinetic Blast to dukes, Thunder Strike to Lord



If you want to give any of this a try and play on Ascension, head over to their official site for all the links and information.