City of Heroes Ascension is Live

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for the Sanctuary City of Heroes server. In case you don’t know here’s a rundown of the events that have taken place. On March 13th it was announced that the Sanctuary server would have to shut down after repeated attacks to the server. Supporters rallied behind the team in charge of the server and just a couple of days later they announced that Sanctuary would be back, though with a different name, Ascension. Well, fast forward to today, actually, yesterday and Ascension is live!

At the moment the server is a bit barebones, they are just getting started after all. But, they do have XP set to 2.5x and they have plans.



What kind of plans?

This weekend they’ll be releasing a brand new archetype called the Protector. It’s a new take on the Sentinel that they’ve created.

They are also releasing 2 new powersets, Riot Control for Controllers and Chaos Control, inspired by Scarlet Witch.



Here’s the full text of the announcement if you want links for the discord or you want to get access to the server.


Its the moment you have all been waiting for, yes we are live!

A couple of things though to go over to let you know before logging in.

The server is bare bones, no custom content on there just yet, we got set back trying to re-implement our old content to the point where something was breaking it, instead we just decided to start fresh but slowly push our content in piece by piece and periodically.

The XP will be at 2.5x the normal rate for the time being.

I have personally been looking into making our very own launcher, right now it needs testing but wont be released just yet, more info on that very soon.

We also have our very own forums but again, that needs a bit of work before being made public, this will most likely release to coincide with our launcher, you can view various concepts of the launcher in our channel #content-teaser.

This weekend I will be releasing 2 new powersets and a brand new AT called the Protector, this is a version of the sentinel that I personally believe makes more sense in terms of playstyle and mechanic.

The other 2 powersets will be Riot Control for controllers at first and Chaos Control (inspired by Scarlet Witch from the MCU).

There is much more content in the works from the other devs such as story mission arcs and fine tuning on missions specifically to make the grind less grindy and more rewarding, farming is not and should not be the be-all end-all of the game.

To access the server please create your account here:


To join our discord full of helpful players and GM’s please join here:

Thank you to all who have been patient and helpful, our community has gone through the worst with what happened last time but I am very confident that this will not affect any users data going forward, we have made many adjustments with the help of other server leaders to ensure that we are very secure right now, backups are being made off site to ensure that nothing will be lost again.

Enjoy the server, more information coming soon on our future plans and what’s in store soon, we will also have a trello board for people to see what we will be working on collectively.