Thunderspy Gets Player Housing and Spectral Powerset

Things just keep getting better and better over on Thunderspy! This week they’re celebrating the anniversary of the launch of the server and they’re doing it with a patch. They also teased so very interesting upcoming content that will drive you to give the server a try if you haven’t already. You can find that at the end of the patch notes which I have copied here word for word just for you.



May 16th Patch Notes Anniversary 2.0


Continuing our Anniversary month, we are releasing major huge updates for May for all our players to enjoy. A list of what to see now


Player Housing/Apartments

We here at Thunderspy dedicate a major part of our time on giving you the freedom to play the game how you want with as little restrictions as possible(within the rules we have established). More over, we have many people who have asked us over the years to add more for Roleplayers alike. well, now player housing has been made for your activities.



Apartments (access with new base portal option):

* Adds the ability to go to a personal “apartment” that allows you use to use the unrestricted base editor

* All items are currently free, though in the future Influence may be charged for functional items, such as the Trainer NPCs, worktables, etc..

* Apartment is account-wide, so accessing it will be the same one your other characters use

* Has full access to the base editor including the ability to clip through walls, create detached rooms, place outside of the base boundaries, etc..

* Cannot use Beacons although teleporters are available for the in-base teleporter system.


base changes:

* Adds SCoRE base changes including attachment modes, clipping, ray-traced object positioning, and the assortment of base items they added

* Cosmetic item cap has been raised and the Entrance portal can be placed in most rooms, except Vaults

* Supergroup bases are restricted from using clipping modes and cannot create detached rooms

* Workbenches and Storage can now be placed in any room, however Workbench Auxiliary devices and Empowerment crafting require a Workshop

We wanted to give you all the option to build whatever you want while preserving the use of a Supergroup Base and Base Raiding functional. We hope to see your contributions posted on the forums soon!


New Co-opt Zones

Tired of being redside and seeing these numbers compared to blueside?

well, have no fear! Co-option is here! Last time we made the Shadow Shard Zones officially a coopt with the ability of both red and blueside to team up and fight Ralaruu. Our introduction video is here for a recap.

Eden and The Hive are now fully co-opted zones for both villians and heroes to work together to take down Hamidon!



Map Changes:


* Eden is now co-op, accessible through the TUNNEL system

* The Woodsman (Eden) trial is now co-op, providing villains a way to receive Team Inspirations through gameplay rewards


The Hive:

* The Hive is now co-op, meaning Hamidon raids can be conducted in the Hive with Heroes and Villains present

* Police Drones have been removed and GM spawners have been removed that were near the hospital



Crey’s Folly:

* Jurassik now properly spawns in all his possible locations when the Kill 100 script spawns him



* Now has a base portal on the left-hand side in the tree grove


First Ward & Night Ward:

* The TUNNEL portals now don’t care if you’re a hero or villain when you access them


Stalkers now have exclusive new powersets, Spectral Melee and Spectral Aura



New Stalker Exclusive powersets

* Spectral Melee allows you to focus ghostly powers to defeat your foes. each strike stacks minor fear (mag 0.75) on your targets, targets that are sucessfully feared will occasionally spawn spirits to assist you in combat.

* Spectral Aura allows you to step between the veil of life and death to protect yourself and hinder your Foes.  Many Spectral Aura powers cause additional effects when used on or near feared foes.


Changes and Fixes


Storm summoning adjustments

*Created new PBAoE version of Snow storm, Snow Field. they are mutually exclusive.

*Tornado and Lightning storm are now toggles that automatically generate their effects at intervals similar to what you would have gotten with high recharge slotting.


Additional hard life changes

* All powers can no longer have their range modified (this is more so -range doesn’t completely screw you)

*Several Powers were missing enhanceable secondary effects like knockback

*Dragons breath and venom shell rebalanced to cost less endurance

*Cryoshot slow and immobilize now have visual FX



* Rewrote majority of powers to new SCoRE parsing for examples. This should reflect no major changes beyond speed being slightly faster.

* Changed Savage Blow to the Super Strength Haymaker animation, since it tended to be an annoying power with the slowness of the windup


Staff Melee:

* Sky Splitter buffs are no longer scaled by your target’s level




* /ebfp and other aliases of enter_base_from_passcode can no longer be used. The portal’s password entry is now the only way to enter a password.


Pet Customization:

* Fixed pet customization when playing a VEAT, as their costume slot was being incorrectly validated against their required Arachnos costume.



* The FX system has been rewritten to support 64-bit on both the server and client. This means the limit of total FX has been increased.

* Added SecondaryFX netcode for Chain powers



* Fixed bug in Locale system causing it to incorrectly write data to the registry that was bad. This should hopefully resolve needing to use -locale for some people to start the game.



Power Info Update:

* Power Info shows damage and other stats for redirected powers

* If you’re in a transformation or have the mode active, it will show you the actual stats based on the redirect in that mode.

* It will fall back to the base redirect power (IE. the one that doesn’t require a specific state to activate), if you don’t have that mode or you’re viewing a power someone linked in chat



* Fixed the incorrect gloves and boots on Embalmed Vahzilok, Abominations, and Dr. Vahzilok



* Remove cap of 4 seconds on CC attribmods in PvP.



Thunderspy Event/iTrial Changes:


* Changed HP scaling from HP_30_Dmg_4_Min_12 to HP_15_Dmg_4_Min_8

* Add Rad’s missing healthbar to the event UI


Normal Guy:

* Removed Water Golem



* Removed Seeker Drones

* Removed Forcefield Generator

* Increased activation time on Mine Layer from 30 -> 90


Dr. Brain:

* Removed Psychic Shockwave

* Removed Drain Psyche

* Increase recharge on Psychic Wail from 45 -> 90



* Removed Speed Boost



* Removed Mass Confusion

* Removed Psychic Shockwave

* Removed Drain Psyche

* Increase magnitude on Confusion from 4 -> 30 (this is the 8 meter toggle)



* Removed Protective Shield

* Removed Repulsion Field

* Removed Psychic Wail

* Increased CD on Detention Field from 30 -> 90



* Removed Insulation Shield

* Removed Deflection Shield



* Removed Snow Storm

* Removed O2 Boost

* Removed Steamy Mist



* Removed Foresight

* Removed Tactical Training: Maneuvers

* Removed Tactical Training: Assault

* Removed Venom Burst


As always, we want to thank you all for helping to keep City of Heroes alive. We love everything about this game and what it provides to us. We hope you all enjoy this new content and we hope to see you in-game soon!