City of Heroes Experimentation Power Pool

Prior to shut down, Paragon Studios was working on a series of power pools that were related to a character’s origin. Sadly, none of them ever made it into the game before sunset, but those who played Issue 24 content got their first taste of it with Sorcery. On Homecoming Sorcery has been with us since the beginning, and Force of Will was added some time ago, but now the Experimentation Power Pool has been made playable on Homecoming.

Experimentation is clearly meant for those scientific-minded heroes and villains out there but your origin doesn’t matter for claiming this pool. It is important to remember however that you can only have one Origin pool active at a time.


Here’s a look at the powers available in Experimentation

*Images of the Experimentation Power Pool in action will come as soon as I have one*

Experimentation Power Pool

“Experimentation gives you access to poisonous ranged attacks as well as powers that boost your attack power and the survivability of your allies. This pool’s travel power is Speed of Sound. While active, this power allows you to run at incredible speeds and also gives you access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to quickly teleport long distances once every so often.”


T1: Experimental Injection (Melee Ranged, Ally +Regeneration, +Recovery, +Res(Status))

You inject an ally with a compound that greatly boosts their regeneration, recovery and resistance to status effects for a short time. Recharge: Long


T2: Toxic Dart (Ranged, Minor DMG(Lethal), High DMG(Toxic))

You fire a toxic dart at your target causing an very minor amount of immediate lethal damage followed by a High amount of toxic damage over time. Recharge: Moderate


T3: Speed of Sound (Toggle: Self +Speed, (Special))

Your experiments have yielded incredible results. By activating this power, you’re able to run at incredible speeds. In fact, while this power is active, you gain access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to teleport to a distant location once every short while.


Jaunt (Click, Self Teleport)

Clicking on this power and then selecting a location will cause the caster to vanish and reappear at their target location. Recharge: Moderate


T4: Corrosive Vial (Ranged (Targeted AoE), High DoT(Toxic), -Defense)

You hurl a vial of toxic fluid that explodes upon impact leaving a corrosive puddle at your target’s feet. Any foe that stands within the puddle will take toxic damage and have their defense reduced for a short while. Corrosive Vial requires you to have 2 powers from the Experimentation power pool. Damage: High (DoT), Recharge: Slow


T5: Adrenal Booster (Self, +To Hit, +Recharge, +Damage, +Special)

You inject yourself with a concentrated experimental serum that boosts your damage, recharge, chance to hit and secondary effects for a short time. Adrenal Booster requires you to have 2 powers from the Experimentation power pool. Recharge: Very Long


Not a lot about this powerset has changed since it was announced, the most notable things are that Adrenal Booster now has +Special and Experimental Injection is Melee rather than Short Ranged.

The Experimentation Power Pool was released as part of Issue 26, Page 5 along with the Electrical Affinity powerset.