PUBG Goes Free to Play

As of today PUBG is free to play, marking a new era for popular battle royale game. Along with the move to free to play the developers have released Update 15.2 which introduces Tactical Gear and a whole lot more

If you can believe it PUBG has been around for 5 years now! It both doesn’t seem like it has been that long while also feeling like PUBG has been around literally forever. In those five years they have sold 75 million copies of the game, making it one of the bestselling games of all time, number 5 in fact. Which games have outsold PUBG? I’m glad you asked because I was curious too. According to Wikipedia it is Wii Sports, Tetris from 2006, Grand Theft Auto V, and the bestselling video game of all time is… Minecraft.


Why is PUBG Going Free to Play?

In an interview with Games Radar PUBG Creative Director Dave Curd said that going free to play is in no way a response to the success of other Battle Royale games that are free to play like Fortnite and Apex Legends. He also added, “We came to the decision to make PUBG: Battlegrounds free-to-play because we feel that it is truly the right time,” says creative director Dave Curd. “I know there are a lot of people who are interested in PUBG: Battleground but have never gotten around to playing it for various reasons – now is the perfect moment to get started.”



Do Veteran Players Get Anything?

If you’ve bought and played PUBG before today then you’ll have a little bit of a surprise waiting for you when you log in, a PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack. This pack automatically upgrades your account to Battlegrounds Plus, while also including the Battle-Hardened costume skin set, the Shackle and Shanks Legacy Pan, and the Battle-Hardened Legacy Nameplate.


What is Battlegrounds Plus?

Veteran players will be upgraded to Battlegrounds Plus automatically but they aren’t the only ones who have this fantastic perk. For a one time fee of $12.99 new players can upgrade their account to the premium Battlegrounds Plus. Battleground Plus includes:

Bonus 1,300 G-COIN

Survival Mastery XP + 100% boost

Career – Medal tab

Ranked Mode

Custom Match functionality

In-Game items, including the Captain’s Camo set, which includes hat, camo mask and camo gloves