City of Heroes Homecoming Anniversary Update

Today the Homecoming servers of City of Heroes turned 1 and it just so happens to be a couple of days shy of the 16th anniversary of City of Heroes’ launch. Since Homecoming launched it has created 5 servers with nearly 170 thousand accounts and 1.3 million characters created. If you’re interested in more Homecoming stats check out this article. They’ve also had 5 major updates during that time.


To celebrate they will be releasing the Resurgent Badge for anyone that logs in during the month of May. Keep in mind that this is a character bound badge, so you will have to log in every single character you have that you want the badge on. Thankfully you have an entire month to do it in.

You’ll also be able to buy all the previous anniversary badges from the NPC Luna in Ouroboros for 100 reward merits each.

From now until the server maintenance on May 12th there will be Rikti invasions all over Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. That’s just about 2 and a half weeks of Rikti fightin’ fun.


@GM Miss is also going to be hosting 2 anniversary contests.

The first is a Screenshot Contest. Submit your favorite screenshot from the last year. More information on submission can be found on the official forums. The top prize is 1000 merits and the Golden Title of 2020 Anniversary Contest Winner. You have until May 1st to sign up.

On May 2nd at 9 PM UTC (10 PM UK, 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific) they will be hosting an Unthemed Anniversary Costume Contest in Kallisti Wharf. Prizes will be handed out to the best 5 on each server, the best on each server, and the best overall. Best overall will win 3 permanent costume powers, a permanent golden title: Anniversary Costume Contest Winner, plus 1,000 reward merits.


There will be a second costume contest at the end of the month on May 23rd at 9 PM UTC. This will be a Mutation Themed Costume Contest. The reward structure will be similar to the Anniversary costume contest with the golden title being Mutation Costume Contest Winner.