City of Heroes Homecoming Announces Timely New Event

The summer has always been a bit of a dry patch for City of Heroes. Not a whole lot takes place over the summer, though for good reason. The number of people playing MMOs actually goes down during the summer. So why waste time creating an event that fewer people are going to benefit from? Well, the City of Heroes Homecoming server group has decided to throw that out the window with a new, timely event, Derek’s Disaster.

Mender Derek, the newest acolyte to Ouroboros has made a terrible mistake. On his way to pick up pizza in Cimerora, (clearly Psychic Pizza doesn’t deliver to Ouroboros) he did some sightseeing through Paragon’s past. However…like a newbie, he forgot to close the door behind him. This has resulted in our timeline colliding with four major events from the past.



Starting June 30th we will be thrown back to the Rikti Invasion of 2007. Throughout the week you can expect Rikti invasions to pop up at random in most major city zones in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Next week, starting on July 7th Halloween will be making a return complete with Trick or Treating (ToTing) and invasions.

Starting on July 14th and running for 1 week there will be a Nemesis invasion.

Finally, the week-long events will end with the Christmas season making a return on July 21st.



Throughout the month there will also be a developer hosted Monster Mash, one for each server. Each Monster Mash will take place in Kallisti Wharf at the foot of Statesman’s statue. The date and time for these events are as follows:

  • On Excelsior: Friday, July 3rd at 5 pm Eastern (9 pm UTC)
  • On Torchbearer: Sunday, July 12th at 5 pm Eastern (9 pm UTC)
  • On Everlasting: Saturday, July 18th at 1 pm Eastern (5 pm UTC)
  • On Indomitable: Saturday, July 18th at 5 pm Eastern (9 pm UTC)
  • On Reunion: Saturday, July 25th at 4 pm Eastern (8 pm UTC) – Just before the Costume Contest!

These events will be incredibly popular so it is recommended that you arrive early. Also, if your computer struggles with high populations then it is recommended you turn down your graphics. Also, please wear a costume that is light on auras and other flashy details. This will help make it an event everyone can enjoy.



Lastly, as was mentioned above, there is going to be a costume contest held on every server at the same time on July 25th at 5 pm in Kallisti Wharf. The theme of which is Past and Future! Here are all the details you need to know about that.


  • Theme: Past and Future!
    • Come dressed in outfits representing eras past or look towards the future and dazzle us with your innovative new ideas!
  • Time: July 25th at 5 pm Eastern
    • 9 pm UTC, 10 pm UK time, 2 pm Pacific Time, 11 pm Central European time
  • Prizes
    • The 4 runner-up costumes on each shard will win:
      • A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Runner-Up
      • The Fashion Victim Badge
      • 150 reward merits
    • The best costume on each shard will win:
      • A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Finalist
      • The Fashion Victim Badge
      • 300 reward merits
    • The single best overall costume will win:
      • A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Winner
      • The Fashion Victim Badge
      • 1000 reward merits


If you want to know more about this event you can find the announcement by Mender Silos on the Homecoming forums.