City of Heroes Homecoming Server Wiki Needs Contributors

For the longest time, Paragon Wiki has been THE number one source of information about City of Heroes. Unfortunately, the information it has ends in 2012 and all of the updates since then are not included. Paragon Wiki is still maintained as a fantastic source of pre-Issue 25 content. But, that isn’t the complete picture anymore. So much has been added to City of Heroes since then, and specifically the Homecoming servers. I love wikis and I’ll admit I found it very frustrating that a Wiki didn’t exist yet with updated information. At one point in time, I was even considering starting one myself right here on this blog! But, it seems that Homecoming has come together and organized one themselves thankfully, you can find it here: Homecoming Server Wiki. However, there isn’t a whole lot of work on it. Which is where this news post comes in.

The Homecoming Wiki has been live since the beginning of May but to be honest, not a whole lot of work has been done on it so far. I would also take a guess that most people don’t realize it exists. In fact, I only learned about its existence today. Anyone can edit the wiki and there is even a guide to help you get started on it. There is also an ever-growing list of Wanted Pages that you can work on. Even if all you can contribute is an image, that is incredibly helpful. Together we can all make this as fantastic a resource as Paragon Wiki has always been for us.

To make the wiki more populated Paragon Wiki was mirrored, meaning that all of the information that was previously true about the game is there, waiting to be updated, and waiting to be added to.

Even if you aren’t comfortable working on the wiki it is an incredibly valuable source of information for anyone playing on Homecoming so be sure to bookmark it! I’ll include another link to it here: