City of Heroes Homecoming Team is Part of the NCSoft Negotiations

Thanks to a new post on the Homecoming forums and the Titan Network Facebook page we now know that the City of Heroes Homecoming Team, those responsible for the Homecoming servers, are involved with the talks with NCSoft. Both Titan Network and the Jimmy from the Homecoming Team made identical posts that were just a brief update saying that they’ve been working together and are in active negotiations with NCSoft. Here’s the full text of the message:

Hey folks,
We know things have been really quiet from us lately, and we wanted to provide an update on what we’ve been up to.
Homecoming and The Titan Network are working together and are in active negotiations with NCSoft in order to turn Homecoming into a legitimate operation, and we’ve been making significant strides in recent weeks. It’s our intention to involve the entire community in this process when the time comes – which is not quite yet, but we’ll certainly be shouting from the rooftops when it is – hopefully Soon™.
Please hang tight for the time being, and keep killing those Skuls.
EDIT: To be clear, Homecoming will remain completely free to play.

– The Homecoming Team

This news is unlikely to really be a surprise to anyone who has been keeping a close eye on the news from Homecoming or the negotiations with NCSoft, but it is nice to have confirmation that yes, negotiations are still ongoing and that they are in fact making strides. Hopefully there will be more good news about this in the not too distant future. For now though we should continue to be patient as the various teams continue their hard work to bring our city back to life. These are still very early days.


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