City of Heroes Reddit Server Pleiades Shuts Down

The City of Heroes Reddit server Pleiades was the first of the new servers to shut down when it abruptly came to an end today. This came about because of irreconcilable differences amongst the leadership of the server and the person funding it. The following announcement was made on Discord by one of the staff members:

Hello All,

This is a very difficult announcement for me to make. Over the past few days there have been some irreconcilable differences that have formed between my team and the Pleiades team. I have spent a few days contemplating my feelings and whether there is a way to resolve the differences. Unfortunately, I have found nothing that would allow for me to feel comfortable continuing forward with the CoX community as a whole.

Besides the differences between the leadership team, you have all been a wonderful community, and I hope our efforts have brought you some form of joy. We intend absolutely nothing malicious towards you and as such the databases containing your character data, auth accounts, AE data and other important personal belongings will be back up and handed off to the Pleiades staff. The server will be taken down this evening for the database backup and will remain off from that point on.

I am working with the IT staff to come up with a migration plan, so please don’t feel like this is the end of your community. I would never strip you all of the place you love. I just hope you can all understand that this is not a place that my team can continue working and maintain a reasonable level of enjoyment and happiness. 

My team and I will be leaving the discord immediately following this announcement, please have a wonderful time, and the best of luck to you all in the future.

Robo-Buddy Mk III

Meanwhile, those who were logged in to the game saw these GM notices.

[Admin] GM Hera: Please log off and go play elsewhere. This server will be shutting down until further notice in part to GM Hades and His team leaving the project.

[Admin] GM Hera: We have been told character data will be saved and transfered to us.

[Admin] GM Hera: GM Hades was the person paying for, and hosting the server, and he and his team have walked away over a single incident. They never spoke to me about anything. I am just as shocked as you are, and he has said he’s going to take the server down tonight.

[Admin] GM Hera: At this time there is no migration plan, at all. This was entirely out of the blue and hit me like a ton of bricks. There is no transfer plan at this moment, please, PLEASE, be on the discord so I can update you as we move forward.

[Admin] GM Hera: Go save your costumes, power set combos, all of your character info please. Sooner rather than later, and this only effects Pleiades. 

The City of Heroes Reddit server had 3,731 accounts which are now going to have to find homes on the other City of Heroes servers. What happens with the character data is yet to be seen.