Coxg Server Introduces Dual Auras and Teases Open World Access

Development on the Coxg server has been in high gear recently. They’ve got a list of things we can expect in the upcoming patch notes which we will dive into more in a few moments. First, I want to take a look at Dual Auras, which is available in-game right now.

Dual Auras is exactly what it sounds like, you’re able to have two completely different auras at the same time. I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a try yet myself so I can’t say for certain if you can have two auras overlapping the same body part or not. In the screenshot that has been provided, it shows the auras covering two different parts of the body. This still leaves a lot of opportunity for customization.

So, what else is the team working on? They’ve also teased an open world system they’re working on which will allow Heroes to go to the Isles and Villains to go to Paragon in addition to their starting regions. With that will come a PvP opt-in/opt-out system that will allow PvP in the open world, but only if you want to take part. They also have plans for creating neutral story arcs.

“We plan on creating neutral story arcs in the future once this system is implimented on our server. Those neutral story arcs will lead you into villianous/heroic events with PvP implimented.
In these events you’ll be in Zones on Rogue isles/Paragon and either doing hero goals or villian goals depending on whether you’re blueside or redside. We hope to attempt to create a PvP-PvE oriented system where by doing neutral story arc goals you build up influence in zones that eventually will cause a “intervention” event.

For example:
Let’s say you and your hero team decide to do neutral influence missions in Mercy Island. After doing about 5 missions, Villian players will be notified that Mercy Island is being cleaned up by Heroes. This would prompt Redside players to head to mercy island to attempt to kill the heroes there(PvP) or drive them back by doing the neutral influence missions in Mercy Island(PvE). Let’s say you defeat the Villians or you continue your neutral influence missions. After 10 missions a event triggers where Redside is notified that the Phalanx are coming to Mercy Island to help take it back from the villians. At this time NPCs such as stateman, War Widow etc. Will appear in Mercy Island and commence defeating all Redside Players in the area they encounter and will only stop once Redside defeat them.
Now if villians do 10 influence missions in Mercy Island before your team does, Arachnos and his league will step in Mercy Island and attack any blueside players they encounter and will remain there until players defeat them.”

They’ve also provided a list of things you’ll see in upcoming Coxg patch notes:

Teaser of pet customization
Dual auras
New power pools, Experimentation and Gadgetry
New revamps of powersets Radiation Melee and Radiation Armour
New rework to Ninjas Powerset(MasterMind)
Tons of Quality of Life changes
Bug fixes
New additions to costumes
Teaser of new powersets and Archetype


It sounds like there is a lot to look forward to in Coxg’s future. Keep in mind that Coxg is NOT a Homecoming server which is where the majority of the CoX community is playing. Coxg has very few rules and has previously been tied to 4chan though these days the developers of the server stress that there is no connection between them. If you’re interested in trying out dual auras you can log in to Coxg right now. Here’s a guide on how to get on Coxg and other City of Heroes servers.