Homecoming Issue 27, Page 2 is Now Live

Today, April 20th 2021, the City of Heroes Homecoming servers released the second part of Issue 27, called Issue 27, Page 2. With it comes a new type of mission, a ton of travel power updates, and a bunch of other updates too.


Tour Guide Missions

Perhaps the biggest part of Issue 27 Pt 2 is the Tour Guide Mission, a new type of tip mission that drops specifically from street sweeping. The Tip will guide you to any exploration badge you haven’t earned in the zone you’re in. This exists to help you find all the exploration badges without having to rely on VidiotMaps. There are a total of 288 missons.



Travel Power Updates

Travel powers have been given a pretty big update that goes in line with the update to the concealment power pool which now has a travel power. I encourage you to read the full patch notes for all the details on the travel power updates but here’s the TL;DR.

  • Almost all travel powers now stack, but only the strongest buff of each type (run speed, jump speed, jump height, fly speed, and air control) will apply.
  • Travel Powers no longer increase strength as you level, they are instead at level 50 from the beginning.
  • Inherent Fitness from Level 1, baby!
  • Added Inherent Stance which will allow you to take Ninja, Beast, or Slide Travel Power stances when Super Speed, Speed of Sound, Super Jump, Mighty Leap, and Infiltration are activated.
  • Infiltration: Replaces Invisibility. Grants run and jump bonus similar to Ninja Run, grants out of combat stealth, grants 1.75% out of combat defense.
  • Hover given No Pose customization option.


Pool Powerset Update – Sorcery

Every power in the Sorcery Power Pool has been given a bit of a change to make it viable for more builds.



Other Power Changes

There were a few other pretty interesting changes made to powers. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Rooting time and animation time are no longer linked.
  • Stalkers chance for critical hits has been changed. 100% from hide for single targets, 50% for AoE from Hide.
  • Masterminds summons recharge faster and cost less endurance.
  • A large majority of the powersets in the game have had some minor adjustments. Read the patch notes for more info.



Story Arc Updates

There are quite a few updates made to story arcs, the most important ones are listed below.

  • Power of the Black Scorpion from the Barracuda Strike Force now grants to the team leader no matter what.
  • The Graveyard Shift and the Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok both got long lists of updates.


PvP Changes

PvP also got a looking at, including some power changes, some changes to Mez protection as well as some other things that as a PvE only person I don’t know the first thing about.


Other Changes

There were a bunch of other small changes made to zones, powers, and some slash commands.



You can find the full patch notes here.