Orcs Must Die 3 Cold As Eyes DLC Coming November 11

Orcs Must Die 3 fans have been eagerly awaiting news about new DLC and now the time has come! Orcs Must Die 3 Cold as Eyes is coming on November 11th. It is bringing with it the Cyclopean race who can disable traps and heal fellow Cyclops.

But the real fun comes with the toys we will get as the player. Cold as Eyes includes 3 new scenarios, a flamethrower, a trinket that can turn the player and enemies to stone. There is also a new trap that coats enemies in gold and has a chance of a special coin drop. The 3 new ice levels will also be added to Endless mode.

You’ll have to wait until November 11th to get your hands on these sweet toys but have no fear, there’s something fun waiting for you right now. Robot Entertainment has added Master’s Courtyard and Hidden Dock to Endless mode. I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

In celebration of this announcement, Robot Entertainment is offering a 20% discount on Orcs Must Die 3 on all platforms! This is the perfect time to get your significant other into the game or get a start on your Christmas shopping for the gamer in your life.

Check out the announcement trailer which I’ve included down below. It doesn’t include any gameplay, but for anyone who enjoys the story, it does offer a glimpse of what we have coming for us in November.

Also, check out the videos I’ve made while playing Orcs Must Die 3 over on my Youtube channel. Including that time I got to wave 97 with my husband on the Quick Path map. I’ll include them below as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for more Orcs Must Die 3 videos on my channel in the future. Especially once the DLC launches.