Rebirth Celebrating Anniversary with Double and Triple XP Right Now!

The City of Heroes Rebirth server is celebrating its birth by hosting a week-long event that is going on right now! All this week until the server downtime on Friday you will be able to get double XP then for the rest of the week you will be able to get triple XP! Yes, triple!




Rebirth is the server to go to if you want to give the Guardian archetype a try. Something which I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be doing this week. Myself included. If you’re playing on the server also be sure to check out the new capes which were just recently added. Unlike Homecoming, on Rebirth you will have to do the cape mission to unlock capes.


If you’re curious about the Guardian AT and the server’s most recent update which released just 2 weeks ago then check out these patch notes for Issue 1!

And of course, you’ll need the link to the official site if you plan on trying the server out this weekend so here it is:


Happy Birthday, Rebirth!