Sanctuary Server Update: A New Server Coming Soon, City of Heroes: Ascension

After all of the outpouring of love and appreciation, it would seem that this isn’t the end of the line for the Sanctuary server. It was just a few days ago that the Sanctuary server had to shut down but now the owner has taken to Reddit to discuss what is happening next, a new server. Here’s the full text.



Hey all, I know some of you were saddened to hear of our server being shut down and how quickly we went into the aether without much to say about the situation, my apologies, I want to clear up a few things and let you all know our plans as we move on.

As you are all aware, we were brute forced into, I spent a couple of days (and nights) really trying to fix the server with the help of the other server owners, these people came to us in our time of need and lend a huge hand, but ultimately what really shut us down were the server providers.

I had set up very basic security on the server but this was after the server ownership was handed over to me, I was the server owner but I had someone more technical do that side of things and manage what was going on, suffice it to say I should have really checked up on the security of the server but I assumed it was taken care of.

Once the ownership had passed I had logged on to the server to start looking into looking after it myself, I had no knowledge of what to do or how to do it but I wanted to learn so that in the event of anything happening that I would take care of it.



I also assumed we made backups but these were on the VM itself, I had implored many times that we should move off the VM and on to the bare-metal machine, which is what I started doing once I had ownership of the server which then led to an attack on myself personally and the server itself, firstly I was DDoS’d confirmed by my internet provider to be an overwhelming amount of traffic coming through to the router which subsequently knocked me offline for quite some time, in that very same instance the server was attacked and no one was able to access the server or the VM at which point I called it a night for that.

The next day we all attempted to gain access, and with a glimmer of hope we were nearly there but the last attack was so constant that when I asked the server providers for help, they blamed me and shut the server down, we attempted to recover the DB (database) but the server owners were not happy about it, ultimately we started to think that even IF we could get the DB, what if someone had done something malicious like corrupt it or delete it entirely? It was at this point that I decided it was probably best to just let it go, we weren’t able to recover the $136 for the month even when we have hardly used the service in that month, so we called it a day with that provider.



So what happens next? Well due to the amazing and selfless efforts of the other server providers such as Asmodei, Thunderspy, Unity/Union, rebirth and Cake Evolution, I have decided to rebuild a new server with my own money, pay for security protection on the server and ask for assistance in setting it up a long with advice of daily backups to another machine, I have made some mistakes in the past with how I handled the last server, I became too complacent and relaxed about everything and not realising to be prepared for anything, I was also quite difficult to work with so I have to not only accept that but also realise that being complacent does not stop these things from happening, they WILL happen and I need to prepare for that.

I am 100% passionate about this game, more than I would like to admit and through those mistakes and attacks I have come to realise one thing out of it all, that no matter what there will always be someone looking to help you, so it is with great pleasure that I announce….

City Of Heroes: Ascension!

The rebirth of our old server combined with the efforts of all the other server owners excellent expertise and knowledge, the server itself is not up just yet and probably won’t be for a couple of days but the new discord group is active, we hope to continue the path we started on, funny thing is we wanted to reveal the new name and content on the day that the game came back to us on March 9th but ultimately all this happened and hindered us from really doing that, so in a way this is a blessing in disguise.



One last thing I want to address is that article on MassivelyOP. I suggest that they contact those directly involved in the situation that they are reporting on rather than getting information from another server. That way the information is uncompromised because it is coming from the primary source. As a journalist, when your first source for comment on a story is someone unrelated to the event itself, that demonstrates a lack of journalistic integrity.



Moving on from that, the link to the new discord is below, feel free to join, all updates will be notified to all on when the server is up and running, if you are wanting to volunteer to help our efforts then please contact myself in the meantime, thank you for your grand support and understanding, I am looking forward to showing you all the vision we have for the server in the future!

Special thanks: Baaleos, Senpai, DarkNoise, DrBrain, Normal Guy, SP Jimmy, StrykerGaming, Neptune, erpmario, retched, malonkey1 and brw316.

CoH: Ascension


Be sure to join the Discord if you want to get in on the server as soon as it starts up. I know I’m eager to see what the future holds for this brand new server.