Sanctuary Server Shuts Down Indefinitely

After repeated hacks over the last few days the Sanctuary City of Heroes server has announced that they will be shutting down indefinitely according to an announcement made on Reddit. According to the developers of the server are simply overwhelmed and they feel as though the only thing left to do would be to start over completely on a different server host. You can read the full text of the announcement here:

“Sad news everyone, since we have been constantly hacked in the last couple of days, we have made so many attempts to fix the server and be up and running, last night we made huge progress only for today to be overwhelmed by the brute forcing into our server, its too much for all of us at this point.



I have lost sleep and continuously getting stressed over trying to get this and running, now it feels like it was all for nothing, i don’t know who has been doing this but whoever they are and for whatever agenda i truly hope you are happy with yourself.

The server has shutdown and will not be accessible at any time, we don’t know when we get back online and at this point i don’t know if i can go through trying to sort it out again, the only solution would be to start over again on a different server host and that is something i really tried to avoid because i know a lot of people here spent a lot of time and progress on their characters.

We can attempt to recover the DB and go from there, but as of right now, Sanctuary is closed indefinitely, thank you all for being apart of our journey, we wish you well.”



Unfortunately, the Reddit post where the announcement was made had to be locked by one of the Subreddit’s moderators saying, “I’m going to go ahead and lock the comments on this post because they are on the verge of becoming inter-server drama and personal attacks.

Hopefully the data can be recovered and the server restarted in the future!

If the people responsible for the hack are reading this, let me make it very clear: You are not welcome in this subreddit. “


This is indeed a sad day for everyone who played on the Sanctuary server and all of the City of Heroes community.


While you can’t leave any comments on the thread anymore, you can stop by and give the Sanctuary team an upvote here.