Thunderspy City of Heroes Server Adds New Costume Parts and More

The Thunderspy City of Heroes server, formerly known as /COXG/,  has added new costume parts, auras, and emblems while also teasing some amazing new walks that they are currently working on.


The first part of this update was implementing Alephred’s Emblem Pack which has been made available to all City of Heroes servers, Thanks Alephred! The Emblems you can now get include a battery, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, the wifi signal, the @ symbol, and others which you can see in the image below.



An additional emblem pack has also been added that is based on the previous cape pack and used for testing new functionality in ModMaker. It’s also available on OuroDev. 13 different examples of this pack were provided, but the image below is by far my favorite as it acts as a new replacement for localized emblems.



The Thunderspy developers have also worked on porting some NPC parts to player characters like the Arachnoid backpack piece, the meat doctor backpack, and some additional IDF parts.


The server has also introduced 4 fantastic new auras that include spiderlings and floating eyeballs. You can see the spiderlings (my personal favorite) below.



Finally, they teased some amazing new walking emotes that they’ve been working on. These aren’t live yet but they look amazing!




With the exception of the walking emotes all of this is available on the Thunderspy City of Heroes server right now! You can find out how to play on that server and all the others here.


In the past, this server has also introduced Dual Auras, Mastermind Pet Customization, and much more. They are perhaps the most updated of all the City of Heroes fan-run servers.



Source: Reddit Announcement