Thunderspy Introduces Pet and Slider Changes Allowing Players to Reach New Heights

The Thunderspy City of Heroes server has built upon work they’ve already done with pet customization as well as some interesting new work with the character customization sliders.

First, if you aren’t already aware, Thunderspy introduced the ability to customize Mastermind pets. It allows you to make the Humanoid pets look like anything you can create in the character creator. Well, now this ability has been introduced to all Mastermind pets, as well as Controller pets and Dominator pets. Any pet that can be renamed can be customized.

However, at the moment pets with an aura like the Darkness Control’s Umbra Beast will still have that aura. This means they will have glowing eyes in a random spot on their chest. The good news is that the Thunderspy team hasn’t ruled out the possibility of this being removed in the future.

The second update that Thunderspy has introduced has to do with character sliders in costume creation. The most notable change is the ability to make characters as short as 1 foot all the way up to 12 feet tall.


City of Heroes Slider Changes


The chest slider for women has also been updated to allow female characters to have a flatter chest or comically huge breasts.

Right now those are the only slider changes, but in the video, they do hint that there are going to be more slider updates in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I think these small changes are fantastic and I can’t wait to jump in and give them a try. Thunderspy has been doing a lot of work on character customization and if you want to read more about what they’ve been working on you can find a lot of that on this page.

I encourage you to watch the video Thunderspy released, which I’ve included below. The first 2 minutes are a fun little story that highlights the changes introduced to the game. It’s then followed by an explanation of the changes in detail. Finally, it ends by showing off some of the customized Mastermind pets that have been created by Thunderspy players so far.