Thunderspy Releases Primalist Archetype

Thunderspy has released another one of their informative and entertaining videos that shows off all the latest things happening on the server. This time around the Primalist Archetype is introduced and some big changes come to their custom pets system. There’s also great news for villains and costume whores the world around. Keep reading and be sure to check out the video at the end for more information.

Custom Pets



Thunderspy has made the entire custom pets system more user-friendly and easier to use.

Pets no longer use one of your costume slots and instead have their own costume slot. You also don’t have to follow quite so many steps to create your custom pets. But, this is one of those things that is better explained visually so watch it happen in the video at the bottom.


Shadow Shard Co-Op



Villains can now enter the Shadow Shard!

All of the Task Forces in the zone have been updated to allow villains to participate, except for the Dr. Quaterfield Task Force which will be receiving a revamp in a future update.

The older Hero-only versions of these Task Forces are available in Ouroboros.

To get to Firebase Zulu as a villain, head to any TUNNEL portal and it will be an option you can select.



Primalist Archetype



Primalists, the Archetype that never got the opportunity to be released on the live servers before shutdown is now available to play on Thunderspy. They’ve made a few unique changes to the archetype as well.

It is described as a melee archetype with play similar to Kheldians.

You have 3 forms; Human, Hunter, and Prowler, and each one will give your powers a slightly different effect.

The example of this in the video is Feral Blow, the first Primary power in Feral Might. In Human form, it will deal smashing damage as well as heal you and your allies. In Hunter Form, it will do lethal damage and reduce defense. Then in Prowler form, it will cause minor lethal damage over time and have a chance to stun.


New Costume Parts



Some new costume parts of been created by members of the Thunderspy community.

Gun Holsters as a Chest Detail

Knife Sheaths for the Shoulders

Suspenders for the Belt Slot

Booty Shorts in the Skirt Category

A Cropped Hoodie and an Oversized T-Shirt in the Overwear Category

At the moment all of these costume parts are only available for Female bodies but Thunderspy does say that they may be added to Male and Huge in the future.



Paper Bag in the Medieval Helms Category is available for all three genders.

Thunderspy says that the Robotics Costume Pack is also underway, but it isn’t ready for release just yet.


There have been a lot of other smaller updates over the last few months that haven’t really been newsworthy on their own. These can all be found on the Thunderspy patch notes on the Thunderspy Discord.


If you’re interested in giving Thunderspy a try then head over to the Thunderspy Official Site.