Unfinished City of Heroes Animations Uncovered

Some new unfinished City of Heroes animations have been uncovered by Reddit user BobbleWrap. These animations allow you to turn your head and torso as well as making your feet properly touch the ground as shown in the photos below. Unfortunately, they are incomplete so don’t expect to see them in-game anytime soon. Another Reddit user asked how the animations work with power animations and BobbleWrap responded: “Given how it interacts with just walking around, I’d say rather poorly 🙂 I haven’t got as far as testing it with powers yet, I’ve been tweaking it to make it work reasonably while just walking around.”  

So, from the sound of it with a bit of work, we could see these animations put into the game. It then becomes a question of dedicating development time to implementing them. If it looks easy enough someone might. But if it is a lot of work, and let’s be honest, working with code is never easy, it might get pushed out of the way in favor of other projects instead.

Unfinished City of Heroes Animations
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For now, though, it’s a cool look into what could have been. Who knows when they might have been added to the game. It’s equally possible that they were never going to be added and they had been put to the side and forgotten. What other treasures lay hidden in the code of City of Heroes just waiting to be uncovered? We will just have to wait and see what other people find as they explore the code. I don’t want to believe that there aren’t more hidden treats for us to find hidden in the code.

There isn’t really much more to be said about this right now, but it seems likely that there will be updates from BobbleWrap as they continue to play with the animations. There is a video on Reddit of the head and torso turning in action. If you’re interested in seeing it you can on the link below.


Source: Unfinished City of Heroes Animations Reddit Thread