The Best Among Us Mod: Extra Roles

There are a ton of mods these days for the social deduction game, Among Us. Honestly, too many to keep track of. I had originally been considering doing a roundup of them all but they are scattered all over the place and more of them are being released all the time. So the idea of having a complete list was just too much. Instead, I want to focus on one. The one I think is the best Among Us mod, or at least the best right now, Extra Roles.

In Extra Roles, there are…well…extra roles. It isn’t just a game of Crew and Imposter anymore. There are…complications in these games. But these complications are exciting and add a whole new level of complexity.


Among Us Extra Roles Roles

These are the new roles that the Extra Roles mod adds to Among Us on top of Crewmate and Impostor.



Skills: Can repair emergencies from anywhere and can vent



The Engineer role might just be the most interesting role of all the new ones in Extra Role because of their ability to use the vents. If an imposter knows that they’ve killed the Engineer they can easily claim to be the Engineer, which will save them from being voted off, so long as they don’t obviously get caught in the act. This has a very good chance of becoming the new meta of the game if the mod gains more popularity.

The Engineer role can only repair an emergency remotely once per game so it is important to wait and save it for the right time.




Skills: Has no tasks and isn’t playing for either side. If the Joker is killed or voted off the games end.

The Joker is a complete wildcard. His entire mission is to get voted off and in doing so ending the match with a Joker win. Subtlety is the name of the game with the Joker. But if you’re too subtle you might not look suspicious enough to get voted off. At the same time, if you are too over the top your friends might catch on and keep you around. It’s a fine line to walk, but a Joker win is an incredibly satisfying one, at least for the Joker.



Skills: Can grant immortality to 1 player and if they arrive at a body fast enough they can get an autopsy report.



The Medic’s autopsy report is an amazing feature of this mod that makes the games even more of an investigation and finger-pointing game. The only real problem with it is that you have to get to a body quickly for it to be of use. This means that if you’re doing your tasks, there’s a good chance you are going to miss that window unless you happen to be in the room where the body is.

Let’s talk a bit more about those autopsy reports. If you get to the body in time you can get a report in the in-game chat window. This report will say “The killer appears to be a ____ color. (Killed Xs Ago)” This could be valuable information in determining who the impostors are. The color options are lighter or darker. Here is a list of which one each color is.

  • Red is darker.
  • Blue is darker.
  • Green is darker.
  • Grey is darker.
  • Purple is darker.
  • Brown is darker.
  • Pink is lighter.
  • Orange is lighter.
  • Yellow is lighter.
  • White is lighter.
  • Cyan is lighter.
  • Lime is lighter.




Skills: Can murder anyone, but if it turns out that person is innocent the officer will die instead.

Finally, there is the Officer. One of the most exciting and terrifying roles you can be. You’re the hero with the gun. But, if you use it on anyone who isn’t an imposter… ie crewmate, you will die instead of them. So you really want to be sure before you pull that trigger. This is another role that impostors can pretend to be if they are really sure that they’ve killed the Officer.


Mode Options

There are a few options that make the games play out a little bit differently depending on which setting you use.

Show Medic – Decide if everyone in the game can see who the Medic is with their name being lit up in green. Default is False.

Show Shielded Player – Allows everyone to see who is shielded with a cyan aura around their body. If the setting is set to 1 everyone can see who is shielded, otherwise only the person with the shield can see it.

Murder Attempt Indicator for Shielded Player – If enabled the shielded player will hear a ting noise when someone tries to murder them. Default is True

Show Officer – The Officer’s name will be in Blue if this is enabled. If it isn’t then only the Officer will see it. Default: False



Officer Cooldown – The cooldown for the Officer. The first cooldown on the first round will be equal to 10 no matter what, just like the imposter. Default: 30

Show Engineer – Engineer’s name will appear in Orange for everyone if enabled. Default: False

Show Joker – Joker’s name will appear Grey to everyone if this is enabled. Default: False

Joker Can Die to Officer – If enabled the Officer can kill the Joker without being killed themselves. With it disabled shooting the Joker will kill the Officer just like if they were crewmate. Default: True

Time Where Medic Reports Will Have Color Type – The amount of time when the autopsy report will include the shade (lighter or darker) of the killer. It counts in seconds. Default: 20

Medic Spawn Chance – The percentage chance that there will be a Medic in the game. Default: 100

Officer Spawn Chance – The percentage chance that there will be an Officer in the game. Default: 100

Engineer Spawn Chance – The percentage chance that there will be an Engineer in the game. Default: 100

Joker Spawn Chance – The percentage chance that there will be a Joker in the game. Default: 100



One great thing about this mod is that it can be used on the Innersloth servers. But, you have to make sure that everyone playing has the same version of the mod. If you want to play the mod with your friends you can find everything you need on the Extra Roles Github which is where all the images for this article come from.

If you’ve been playing a lot of Among Us recently (who hasn’t?) then Extra Roles might be just the thing to make the game feel brand new. I would love to see the developers Innersloth come out with something similar in the future or even have them work with the creators of this mod to make it an official game mode.

Have you tried this amazing Among Us mod yet? Or is there another one you prefer? I’d love to hear about your games and experiences with this game mode. If you’re looking for a different experience, try out these Among Us challenges and modes. These game modes and challenges are a fun time with friends who might be getting a little bit bored with the core gameplay.