City of Titans Capes and Banner Details Revealed

The City of Titans crew has taken to the forums to show off what the city building team has been working on, banner details as well as some City of Titans capes. According to the blog post, they have been spending the last couple of weeks testing landmarks and moguls inside the game environment and adding some finishing touches. They’ve also made some small fixes to the scaling of doors. Plus projections of banners and art on surfaces that are meant to be added features of the models in the game.

They’ve also released a new 11-minute long video showing off the work they’ve done on capes. In the video, they just share the top 10 capes they have for the game, but there are sure to be many more for us to see in the future. If you want to watch that video you can find it down below.

That’s really all there is to say about this update. It was a brief, but interesting update. It’s nice to see some of the fine details that are being worked on for City of Titans. I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together.