28 Word Games Like Wordle

Wordle has taken the world by storm, but sometimes just one game isn’t enough. Okay, actually it’s never enough. I always find myself wanting more. That’s why I went out into the wilds of the internet to find more games like Wordle and boy was I not disappointed! Bicycle enthusiasts, Star Wars junkies, math nerds, and even geography fans now have Wordle-like games they can play. Here is a list of all the games I could find but I wouldn’t be surprised if even more have come into being.



Absurdle – https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html

If you want an even bigger than Wordle then Absurdle might just be the game for you. It is the same type of guessing game, but with a twist. Instead of guessing a word that has been assigned for the day you are picking from a pool of words that gets narrowed down with every right guess. Which word you’re looking for can and does change as you play.


Bikle – https://giop98.github.io/bikle/

Bikle is the guessing game for professional biking enthusiasts. Every day you’re guessing the surname of a professional cyclist from the past or present. You’ll really need to know your pro biking trivia to do well here!



Byrdle – https://www.byrdle.net/

If music is your jam, specifically choral music then you might have a better chance of winner Byrdle than I did. The daily word could be a musical term or it might just be the name of someone famous for creating choral music.



Crosswordle – https://crosswordle.vercel.app/

Crosswordle isn’t Wordle meets a Crossword puzzle like you might think based on the name. No, it’s more like Suduko meets Wordle and it is certainly a challenge. You will start out being given the last word in the sequence and it’s up to you to figure out what the rest of the words are based on the clues from that word you have.



Custom Wordle – https://mywordle.strivemath.com/

Make your own Wordle puzzle for your friends to try to guess. Simply put in the word you want then a link will be generated that you can give to your friends. Or if you want to be in on the guessing too you can have it choose a random word that you have to try to guess.



Dordle – https://zaratustra.itch.io/dordle

Dordle is double the Wordle trouble. You’re working on guessing two different words at the same time and yes, it is exactly as hard as it looks. Each word you guess will give you clues for both words though so you might just get lucky.


Hello Wordl – https://hellowordl.net/

In Hello Wordl you can guess words that are anywhere from 4 words in length up to 11 words. You can also change the difficulty with Normal, Hard, and Ultra Hard modes. I think I’ll stick with normal mode for now.


Jewdle – https://www.jewdle.app/

Have you ever looked at Wordle and thought to yourself “this could be a little more Jew-ish?” Well, the creator of Jewdle did exactly that! According to the text on the website words in Jewdle can be English, Hebrew, Yiddish, or even Aramaic so you are really going to have to know your stuff for this one.



Letterle – https://edjefferson.com/letterle/

Guess a letter any letter. Yep, that’s the whole game. Guess the letter of the day. I got lucky on the day I took the screenshot for this article but I’m not usually so lucky. It’s an amusing take on the word guessing game genre.



Lewdle – https://www.lewdlegame.com/

Lewdle is a surprisingly difficult game, or maybe my mind just isn’t lewd enough. It’s all about guessing the dirtier words. Or at least the slightly naughtier ones. It has profanity, it has sex, and it can be vulgar so it isn’t for the faint of heart…or the work place. File this one under NSFW.


Lordle of the Rings

Lordle of the Rings – https://digitaltolkien.github.io/vue-wordle/

I’ll just come out and admit this now, I am not knowledged enough in the Lord of the Rings to play Lordle of the Rings. But, on the day I was taking screenshots for this article a miracle happened. If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings then this game might just be for you.


Mathler – https://www.mathler.com/

If words aren’t your thing then maybe numbers are and that’s where Mathler comes in. Instead of looking for a word you’re looking for an equation that equals the number that they’ve picked for the day.



Nerdle – https://nerdlegame.com/

If Mathler is too easy for you and you want a bigger number challenge then check out Nerdle, the game where you have to work out the entire equation and the numbers have to be in the right order.


Primel – https://converged.yt/primel/

Primel takes a different approach to the numbers game. You have to guess the 5 digit prime number. The hardest part is getting a 5 digit prime number. I spent several minutes just putting numbers in hoping I would get one. But, if you like your primes then Primel is the game for you.



Queerdle – https://queerdle.com/

Wordle has gone fabulous with Queerdle! Every word has something to do with LGBTQ+ lingo or is something related to sexuality. This one might be a little bit NSFW depending on where you work.



Quordle – https://www.quordle.com/

If you want to have a good cry then maybe try out Quordle, the game where you’re trying to guess 4 words at the same time. It is incredibly challenging and it feels even more amazing when you manage to guess all four words.



Searchdle – https://wtfseo.com/searchdle/

Searchdle is the word guessing game for anyone who is familiar with SEO, yes, search engine optimization. It is made even more challenging by the fact that the answer can be names of famous people in the SEO sphere or it can even be two words with a space! You also don’t have to guess actual words, you can put in random letters if you like!



Squirdle – https://squirdle.fireblend.com/

Gotta catch em all! Squirdle is the natural next step for the Wordle style game. It’s up to you to work out which Pokemon is the Pokemon of the day based on the clues you get about which generation it’s from, what type of Pokemon it is and even how much they weigh.


Star Wordle – https://www.starwordle.com/

If you’re a fan of Star Wars then you’ll most likely do well with Star Wordle. Every word picked has something to do with the iconic Sci-Fi franchise. Casual fans might have a harder time with this one than hardcore fans.


Subwaydle – https://www.subwaydle.com/

Are you familiar with the New York subway system? If so then this game gives you the task of creating a successful 3 part trip through the city. I’ve never been to New York before so this game is a bit lost on me but I’m sure it won’t be too hard if you’re familiar with the area…right?



Sweardle – https://sweardle.com/

Sweardle has taught me only one thing, I don’t know nearly as many swear words as I thought. In classic swear word form this guessing game has you going for some choice 4-letter words and it is honestly harder than you would expect. Put your swear knowledge to the test.


Taylordle – https://www.taylordle.com/

I will admit that my knowledge of all things Taylor Swift is a bit lacking, but if you’re a big fan of hers then you might have an easy time with Taylordle which is focused entirely on her and her lengthy career.



Wheeldle – https://wheelsrpgs.itch.io/wheeldle

If you’ve ever been playing Wordle and wished you could play more than once a day then Wheeldle is your game. After you’ve finished one word you are immediate given a new word and you have to start all over again.


Wordguessr – https://engaging-data.com/wordguessr-wordle/

Wordguessr is another game that will let you keep playing after you’ve guessed a word. It has the added bonus of being considered an educational website so it isn’t blocked by firewalls used in schools and other places. It is the unblocked Wordle you’re looking for…for now at least.



Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited https://www.wordleunlimited.com/

Wordle Unlimited is exactly what it says in the name, an unlimited version of Wordle that will let you keep guessing new words until you need to do something else. A word of warning, it can be extremely addictive!



Wordle-BTS – https://bts-wordle.vercel.app/

If you guessed that Wordle-BTS is all about the world phenomenon that is the Korean Pop sensation BTS, then you would be correct. I’ve never ventured into the world of K-Pop myself so I will admit that beyond some basic music terms I’m pretty lost.


Word.Rodeo – https://word.rodeo/

Word.Rodeo is another option for making customized games for your friends but this one has a whole lot of options! You can make hints, decide how many guesses people get, and much more.



Worldle – https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/

How are you at geography? You might just find out that you aren’t as good at identifying countries as you think with Worldle. Oh and don’t try to say Worldle out loud…it’s almost harder than the game itself!


Games Like Wordle