Kickstarter Campaign for Official Mythbusters: The Game Begins

These days there is a game for just about anything. Want to fly around the world as a bird? You can do that. Want to move out to the country and become a farmer? You can do that many times over. But Mythbusting? That’s not something you’ve been able to do, until now. Movie Games, working with the Discovery channel have announced Mythbusters: The Game. A game in which you get to become a Mythbuster and do crazy experiments just like they did on the show.

Right now, Mythbusters: The Game is doing a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to make the game even better than it currently is, and they’re only looking for $8,000 in their main goal. Stretch goals include new puzzles for the circuit assembly, more blueprints to solve, additional customization, and even a new game mode.


Mythbusters: The Game


Backers will get access to the alpha demo of the game and it only takes a pledge of $11 to get the game when it releases on Steam. Higher pledge tiers include a digital artbook, access to beta tests, and you can even have your name or face in the game.

As of writing this, they have raised nearly $600 in just the first day which is fantastic for an indie game that only sent out press releases today. I suspect that as the month continues and word of mouth grows that number will climb. With how popular simulation games are it’s hard to believe that there isn’t already a Mythbusters game. It makes me wonder if there will be other Discovery Channel games in the future. A new BattleBots game would be amazing and I can see Undercover Billionaire being a sort of Stardew Valley type of game. There’s a lot of potential there!

If you’d like to show your support for Mythbusters: The Game and throw a few dollars their way then you can find the Kickstarter campaign here.