Wondertale, the First City of Titans Novelette Has Been Released

Wondertale is the first City of Titans novelette, written by Jack Snyder, a member of the City of Titans lore team. He’s written several of the articles that have helped to shape the City of Titans universe and now his novelette Wondertale is available on Amazon. Here’s the description of the 88-page novelette on Amazon:

Explore the world of City of Titans, the MMO of superpowered adventure, in this first tie-in novelette! Discover an unrevealed side of Titan City’s history in a tale of adventure, romance, and the quest to forge an identity. Today, Vodnik, the swashbuckling aquatic hero, is a respected member of the Paragons, but he didn’t reach that pinnacle alone …

Growing up in Russia in the last years of the Soviet Union, Alisa was born with powers over light and healing. She is forced into a subordinate role in the Glorious Defenders of the Soviet Nation and People as the heroine Zharptitsa, the Firebird. Teamed with both the heroic, lighthearted Vodnik and the boorish, self-indulgent Vykhor, she finds escape from her unpleasant world in the study of traditional Russian fairy tales. But when the team breaks up and Vodnik departs for Titan City in a search for freedom, Alisa risks everything to join him. Through confrontations with mysterious cultists, bizarre gangs, and turncoat allies, Alisa fights to set both Vodnik and herself free and to make her own fairy tale come true.City of Titans Novelette Wondertale Cover

I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet myself, but it has been moved up to the next in line for my reading list so that I can review it here on Maressa.net. It’s incredibly exciting to see some more activity from the City of Titans development team and hopefully this is just the start of their adventure into novels. Missing Worlds Media has also released a comic called HiJinx which can be found on Patreon.